Edward L. Bernays Award

Purpose of the Award:
The annual Bernays Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Maine Public Relations Council (MPRC) to a single practitioner. An honorary member of MPRC until his death, Edward Bernays is recognized as the “father of public relations” for a lifetime of work integral to the recognition of public relations as a profession with scientific grounding. In his spirit, this award recognizes a public relations professional who has exhibited extraordinary achievement and outstanding leadership in the public relations profession, along with community service and unmatched professional integrity and ethical behavior in their practice of public relations.

The nominee must meet the following minimum criteria:

1. Be a member in good standing of MPRC.
2. Have at least 15 years experience in the public relations/communications profession.

Nomination Process:
Any current MPRC member can nominate another member or self nominate.

How to Nominate:
The material submitted is the key piece for scoring the nomination. Nominees should provide the following information using the guidelines specified. Do not include any pages or materials other than requested. Do not include any samples of work. The judges will not consider any information other than what is requested.

Nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, November 22.

The nomination must include (link to form is below):

1. The nomination cover sheet with complete contact information for you and the nominee

2. A copy of the nominee’s current resume (2-page maximum)

3. One or two letters of reference from the nominee’s current supervisor, key client or other appropriate person (No more than two letters in total)

4. One single-spaced page (front only) per section below:

a. Section I – Professional Activities: Please list all past and present examples of involvement in professional organizations and activities, including a description of participation (offices held, etc.), years of involvement, any awards or recognitions received with an emphasis on public relations activities and work in MPRC, PRSA, UAB and similar Maine groups. Also list professional accreditations, advanced degrees, coursework, etc.

b. Section II – Community Service: Please list all past and present involvement in community service organizations and/or projects. Give the name of the organization, the year(s) of service, a description of activities, and any awards or recognitions received.

c. Section III – Career Achievement: Please describe the nominee’s career progression to current position, career successes, work as a mentor or advisor to others and any other relevant information.

Deadline for Submission: Nomination forms must be received by Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Nominations received after that date will not be considered. If a nominee is not selected, they will be eligible in future years, but their nomination must be resubmitted. Entries should be emailed to info@meprcouncil.org.

Please contact Dan Marois, MPRC Administrator, at 207-402-4048 or info@meprcouncil.org.

Submissions and attachments will not be returned.

Selection Process:
Nominations will be reviewed by a four-member Selection Committee. This committee will be comprised of two past Bernays winners selected by the MPRC President and two current MPRC Board members (the immediate past President and the current Awards Chair, or any other two Board members appointed by the current MPRC President).  If a Board member is nominated, he or she may not participate in the review process.

Prior to review by the Selection Committee, the entire slate will be sent to the MPRC Board for ratification. The Selection Committee will meet to review and score all submissions and make the final decision among candidates based on a combination of the scoring process and committee discussion.

Notification and Presentation of Award: The MPRC President will contact the recipient and the nominator, although no public announcement will be made prior to the award presentation at the 2017 MPRC Awards Ceremony and Holiday Social on December 12. Register now.


2016 - John Lamb, APR
2015 - Linda Varrell, APR
2014 - No submissions received
2013 - No submissions received
2012 - Susan Tompkins
2011 - Nancy Marshall
2010 - Jon Paradis
2009 - John Diamond
2008 - Russ Donahue
2007 - Wayne Clark
2006 - Dan Marois
2005 - Midge Vreeland, APR
2004 - Michael Bourque, APR
2003 - Tony Payne
2002 - Kathleen Duris Tarbox, APR
2001 - Linda Frechette
2000 - Judy Katzel, APR
1999 - Stephen H. McCausland
1998 - Mark Ishkanian, APR
1997 - Dick Dyer, APR
1996 - Meredith Strang Burgess
1995 - Deborah Hammond
1994 - Susan Swain
1993 - Edward O'Meara
1992 - Leslie Gall
1991 - Shelley Dunn
1990 - Robert Caswell
1988 - Dan Davidson, APR
1987 - Chip Carey
1986 - James Harnar, APR
1985 - John McCatherin
1984 - Bill Harkins & Kate Perry
1983 - Ron Palmquist