2017 Golden Arrow Awards

Category Descriptions

Tactics Division

1. Annual Reports - Publications that report on an organization's annual performance.

2. Print or Online Newsletters - A hard copy or online publication that is content-heavy with features and are published periodically.

3. Bylined Articles - An article bylined for an agency, organization, company or client and placed in an external publication.

4. Opinion Editorials - An op-ed developed for an agency, organization, company or client and placed in an external publication as a response to a relevant issue.

5. Speeches - Speech should be submitted using sa tandard font, 1" margins,  double spaced.

6. News Release - Provide news release and evidence of success.

7. Website - A website, intranet, microsite, electronic press kit or application. This entry must include a screen shot of entry elements and include the web address. Must include reports of the number of hits, page views, page visits, and other measurable results.

8. Corporate or Agency Blog - An influential blog developed for an internal or an external audience that most effectively supports the brand message of the corporation, organization or agency. Submit three blog postings and the blog URL.

9. Innovative Use of Social Media - Could include any strategic and creative use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media venue to further a campaign, raise awareness, drive engagement, etc.

10. Video/Podcasts - Videos, podcasts or other audio/visual tactic used to communicate a key message or raise awareness. Must be submitted on a DVD or flash drive. If currently hosted online, please provide a URL.

11. Media Events - Media events are built around in-person interactions between your client/organization and the press. May include press conferences, media tours, and blogger events.

12. Special Events - A single or series of special event(s) designed to create public awareness of an issue relating to an organization, product, promotion or service.

13. Marketing Collateral - Print pieces, direct mail, brochures, email marketing templates, letterhead or other graphic/marketing materials. Demonstrate how PR played a role in the development as part of an integrated communications strategy.

14. Feature or Commentary Placement: Local Mainstream - A placement made by entrant of an article in an local, mainstream media outlet. The article must be written/developed by a staff member or contributing reporter of the publication.

15. Feature or Commentary Placement: Trade or Business Publications - A placement made by entrant and written by a staff or contributing reporter in a trade publication.

16. Feature or Commentary Placement: National Mainstream - A placement made by entrant and written/developed by a staff or contributing reporter in a national publication, broadcast network or wire service.

17. Feature or Commentary Placement: Online - A placement made by entrant and written by a staff or contributing reporter in an online publication.

18. Odds & Ends - Any PR or communications tactic that does not fit in any of the above categories.

Campaign Division

1. Organizational Identity Campaign - A program that creates, improves or maintains awareness of the organization's identity, market positioning and purpose.

2. Social Media Campaign - A campaign specifically developed and launched using social media channels to raise awareness.

3. Paid/Earned/Owned Campaign - A campaign integrating paid, earned and owned media channels to increase public awareness. Campaign must utilize all three channels.

4. CSR Campaign - Campaigns specifically focused on addressing environmental, social or economic issues.

5. Internal Communications Campaign - Programs designed to address stakeholders or publics aligned within an organization, including employees, members, dealers, franchisees or other internal segments.

6. Public Affairs Campaign - Programs designed to impact legislation, regulation, public policy or political outcomes. Activities can be conducted at any level - from community to national or international. This may include use of research, media, lobbying, grassroots and word of mouth activity, and should demonstrate results benefiting the organization sponsoring the campaign.


All Maine-based communications professionals, regardless of client location, are invited to enter the 2017 Golden Arrow Awards. All entries must be public relations or communications work created, produced and implemented for specific goals during the eligibility period of July 15, 2016 through July 31, 2017. There is no limit to the number of entries or categories an organization or agency may enter. Each entry may be submitted in only one category, with the exception of pieces submitted as part of a campaign.

How to Enter

The MPRC Golden Arrow Awards submission process is now completely online at https://www.judgify.me/goldenarrows.