Maine Public Relations Council Golden Arrow Award Categories

Communications Campaign
A campaign that includes goals, strategies, objectives, tactics, and clearly defined audiences that is used to promote an individual, organization, product, idea, etc.

Crisis Management
The planning/response to defend or protect an organization or individual against an attack, negative situation, or extraordinary situation that could impact the organization or individual’s reputation.

Employee/Internal Communications
Communication targeted to an organization’s employees/internal audience with the goal of building/strengthening the relationship, communicating important initiatives, etc.

Integrated Communication
Campaign that promotes an organization through a mix of strategies, tactics, and tools.

Social Media
Creative and successful use of social media to promote a brand’s message.

Targeted Media Pitch
A story pitch/placement that is targeted to a specific journalist/media outlet that meets stated objectives.

Thought Leadership
Communication that conveys a position or response to a particular situation to promote a thought leader, organization, or brand. Can be a single piece or a campaign and can include opinion pieces, speeches, and social media.

Media Relations Campaign
Efforts to promote an organization or individual through earned media. Can include media pitches, spokesperson training, fact sheets, etc.

Press Release
A single news release that successfully garners media coverage and meets stated objectives.

Publication – print or digital
A publication that targets specific audiences (customers, employees, etc.) to promote a product, service, or an organization’s brand, values, mission, etc. May be printed and/or electronic. (newsletters, e-newsletters, magazines, annual reports, etc.)

A digital file (audio or video) that can be downloaded or streamed online. Typically part of a series that subscribers can follow.

Video Production
Creative/innovative use of video that meets stated objectives.

Creative and effective use of or creation of a website to promote an individual, organization, product, idea, etc.

Big Win
A communications project that was a big win for your client or organization. Consider unexpected opportunities that landed major media placements, viral social media