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Midge Vreeland Public Service Award

Midge Vreeland Public Service Award recognizes a public relations professional or organization whose efforts help the greater good

Named in honor of the late Midge Vreeland, the Midge Vreeland Public Service Award embodies the core principles held by Midge Vreeland—integrity, commitment to community service and a willingness to advance organizations and their causes.

Midge Vreeland embraced and supported MPRC both professionally and personally. Recognizing the APR
accreditation as a tool to advance our profession, Midge was one of the first PR Professionals in the state, and
the first agency owner, to study for and pass the APR examination.

Deadline for Submission: Nomination forms must be received by Friday, November 2. Nominations received after that date will not be considered. If a nominee is not selected, they will be eligible in future years, but their nomination must be resubmitted.

2017 Midge Vreeland Public Service Award winner Laura Davis Rinck


The nominee must have personal involvement with a Maine organization or group that benefits a group, cause or the community and be able to demonstrate the impact of their involvement.


Any current MPRC member or organization can nominate or self-nominate.

How to nominate: Nominees should provide the following information using the guidelines specified. Do not include any pages or materials other than requested. The judges will not consider any information other than what is requested.

The nomination must include:

  1. The name of nominee(s) and contact information.
  2. The name of the nominator and contact information.
  3. One to three paragraphs describing the scope of the nominee(s)’s involvement with the service recipient (organization/group). Please include the start and completion dates of a campaign, if appropriate.
  4. List the results achieved/impact of the involvement. For example, the amount of funds raised, volunteers recruited, items donated, legislation passed or blocked.
  5. Provide supporting documentation (photos, articles etc.) of no more than two pages.

Entries should be emailed to:


Please contact:
Dana Lundy
MPRC Administrative Director